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Attack Time Recordings on SoundCloud

A number of Attack Time original recordings were recently uploaded to the HongSongs Soundcloud page, including tracks from the original Attack Time album, as well as the recently released Counter-Attack:

HongSongs on SoundCloud

Check it out!


Both Attack Time CDs are available for purchase or download at CDBaby:





Rech-Razor Fundraiser Rehearsals Underway

Rehearsals for the Rech-Razor Fundraiser concert are well underway! Our musical partner-in-crime Shawn Hutchings has organized a benefit concert for our friend Jody Rech, who was hit by a truck while riding his bicycle in Kenosha, WI.

The concert will feature a number of musician friends with whom Jody has performed and recorded over the years. The house band features Shawn Hutchings (guitars & vocals), Rob Farina (bass guitar), Tim Baltes (drums), and Marshall Hong (piano, organ & vocals).

The set will include a number of Jody’s original tunes, plus cover versions of songs that Jody has performed in his numerous projects.

The house band has been rehearsing, and will soon be getting together with other performers such as Dave Wells and Brian Wells.

For more information, visit the Rech-Razor Facebook Page.

Tanglewood Performs LET’S LIVE – at Pinko de Mayo 2012

Here’s Tanglewood performing LET’S LIVE at Pinko de Mayo 2013:

This tune can also be heard on COUNTER ATTACK – available for purchase or download on CDBaby


“Counter Attack” – Now Available on CDBaby

COUNTER ATTACK – the latest CD by ATTACK TIME is now available for purchase or download from CDBaby.

Follow the link below to purchase your copy today!


You can also still purchase the original Attack Time CD at




Attack Time Unplugged – Set List from Goose Island Brewing Co, June 14, 2013

Attack Time appeared in an acoustic format (“unplugged”), featuring:

* Rob Farina on electric bass guitar
* Paul Ciszek on Cajon (percussion)
* Marshall Hong on acoustic guitar, ukulele, and vocals

This was also the official release date of our new album, Counter-Attack. Check back here for more details on how to get your copy or download!

Set List:

* Fossils (Hong)
* January Wedding (Avett Brothers)
* Once . . . Tonight (Hong)
* Dear Prudence (the Beatles)
* Valley as Wide (Hong)
* Painted Skies at Moonrise (Hong)
* On the Way Home (Neil Young)
* Edwardsburg Blues (Hong)
* Friend of the Devil (the Grateful Dead)
* Goodbye, I’m On My Way (Hong)
* Let’s Live (Hong)


Some tasty Goose Island Craft Beers



Hong Solo – Set List from Goose Island Brewing Co., March 7, 2013

On March 7, 2013, Hong played a solo acoustic set:


* Whole World Someday (Hong)
* Painted Skies at Moonrise (Hong)
* Blue Meadows Part II (Hong)


* Valley as Wide (Hong)
* Seven Curses (Bob Dylan)
* Champion Song (Terry Farmer)
* Fossils (Hong)
* Let’s Live! (Hong)

Peace, Love and Great Beers!


Hong Live Solo Acoustic – Goose Island Brewing Co., Wrigleyville

HONG will be performing a live, solo acoustic set, this Thursday, March 7, 2013, @ 8:00pm, at the Goose Island Brewing Co., Wrigleyville, Chicago, Illinois.

3535 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL

Come on out and kill two birds with one proverbial stone – support local musicians AND local brewers!

See you there,


the Obvious Answer – from the new album Counter-Attack

copyright © 2012 by Marshall Hong

featured musicians:

* Rob Farina – electric bass guitar
* Meg Thomas – percussion
* Marshall Hong – guitars, keyboards, vocals

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Hong Solo Setlist from Goose Island Brewing Co.

Hong played a solo acoustic set at Goose Island Brewing Co., opening for the Dirty Bucket Band, from Milwaukee, WI.



* Whole World Someday (Hong)
* Painted Skies at Moonrise (Hong)
* Blue Meadows Part II (Hong)


* Valley as Wide (Hong)
* Once … Tonight (Hong)
* Rise to Me (the Decemberists)
* I Can’t Reach You (the Who)
* Let’s Live! (Hong)

Thanks to all who were in attendance!


Envelope Generators – Part Three

Envelope Generators in Analog Synthesis – Part Three:

by Marshall Hong